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Guitar Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Guitar repairs in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Need Guitar Repair? We've got the skills!

At Maple Street Guitars our well-trained guitar repair staff has the kind of experience that only comes from working on thousands of guitars. In addition to their knowledge and experience, our technicians are conscientious, meticulous and insightful. They give due respect to each repair, regardless of its age, value or condition.

Maple Street Guitars is also a factory authorized service center for Fender and Taylor guitars.

As professional players themselves, our guitar repair staff fully appreciates how important it is for a guitar to be well adjusted in order for it to serve as a musician's tool. They know the frustration of the performing musician whose instrument begins to malfunction - on stage! They are sympathetic to the player who wants to focus on his music but is distracted by that annoying "buzz" or vibration. And when it comes to a student's guitar, they know how a poorly adjusted instrument can undermine the learning process by making certain guitar techniques difficult if not impossible.

Guitars are constructed from organic materials that respond to climate changes. They expand and contract. In the process, their "action" or "playability" can change. Even new instruments often need adjustment for optimum playability, especially if they have spent time in warehouses or have hung on a wall somewhere for weeks without any care given to them.

Having your guitar adjusted can make a huge difference in the pleasure you derive from playing your instrument.

And as for those unforeseen accidents - our guitar technicians have often worked miracles with these types of guitar repairs. They have extensive experience repairing cracks, re-gluing braces, bridges and headstocks, doing finish touch-ups, etc.

They also do neck re-sets, fret jobs, re-wiring, pickup installations, and many other necessary repairs and enhancements.

Need help with guitar repairs? Just call Maple Street Guitars at 404-231-5214! Or e-mail:
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